Trade name: IBV GmbH, Ingenieurbüro für Elektronik, Syker Straße 35a, 28844 Weyhe

Contact persons: Manfred Leder, Managing Director,
Heino Knief, Head of Software Development
Staff: 10
Year established: 1984
Associations: Fachverband Elektronik-Design e.V. (FED), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DGLR)

Our philosophy

From the actual idea to top-quality products and services ready for series production, we focus on long-term, successful partnerships with our customers.

The IBV GmbH staff specialises in the fields of aerospace, automotive and industrial electronics. There is a constant drive to invest in and become acquainted with new development systems. A flexible approach, which includes deploying a member of our staff on-site of our customer’s premises, is just as much a guiding theme of business management as the principle of providing a full-service from the initial idea to the tested product. Despite all the successfully completed high-tech projects, it is also this flexibility which makes IBV GmbH a reliable and competent partner for the development of industrial products.

The management’s commitment to assure and constantly improve our process- and product quality is the main focus of all company activities.

Customer satisfaction is the most important criterion of the quality policy and quality assurance.
Every staff member is directly involved in implementing this policy as part of their work, meaning they are directly responsible for our customers’ satisfaction.



IBV stands for Ingenieurbüro H. Voigt, which was founded by the first managing director, Heiner Voigt, and specialised in electronic developments, primarily for the aerospace industry, right from the outset. It adopted its current name of IBV GmbH, Ingenieurbüro für Elektronik in 1992. For health reasons, Voigt handed over all business activities to current shareholders Manfred Leder and Heino Knief in early 1997, and Manfred Leder was appointed the sole managing director of IBV GmbH. Up to this time, Leder and Knief had been long-time freelancers for the company. In June 1997, the company moved to its new premises at the marketplace in Weyhe. The “Systems” component, recently added to the company logo, originates from IBV’s ever growing Internet activities.
In June 2012 we moved into our new business premises located centrally close to the state road B6.


IBV meets the strictest quality requirements.

We’re certified according to the new ISO 9001:2015.