We offer a wide range of custom software services for industry and space with respect to flexibility and cost optimization. These services include software development for

  • OPC UA applications
  • Edge computing systems and IoT devices
  • Control, measurement and test electronics
  • Vision Systems
  • AJAX Web applications
  • Altium Designer Macros and Plug-Ins

as well as consulting, revision and optimization of planned or existing systems

OPC UA – the industry 4.0 standard

  • Client and Server development
  • Dual platform (Windows/Linux) C++ stack from Unified Automation or
  • Platform independent python opcua-asyncio stack
  • Use of UA Modeler for fast prototyping and development
  • PubSub support

Edge Computing and IoT devices

  • Software development for Windows or Linux based embedded systems
  • Integration of industry standard sensor and host/cloud interfaces
  • IoT devices based on different platforms i.e., Sierra Wireless Legato, espressif ESP32
  • Support for OPC UA, MQTT, Bluetooth, SPI, I2C, CAN, serial, etc.

Control, measurement and test electronics

  • We cover a wide range of different programming platforms i.e., STM32, AVR, 80C51, 80(X)C166 for different use cases
  • Integration of industry standard interfaces like serial UART, USB, CAN, Ethernet, I2C, SPI via main or add-on controllers
  • Use of real-time OS

Vision systems

  • Support for GiGE, USB, CameraLink and IEEE1488 camera interfaces
  • BCAM based Basler Pylon Framework
  • Camera setup and control via software
  • Simple image processing and fail-save storage

AJAX Web applications

  • JavaScript/HTML browser interface
  • Backend with PHP/MySQL

Altium Designer Macros and Plug-Ins

  • Delphi compiled DLLs or Altium Designer Macros

Programming targets

  • Embedded Linux Systems (C++, Python)
  • Embedded Windows Systems (C++, Python, .NET)
  • United Electronics Industries (UEI) UEIPAC Linux Systems with RT Linux using PDNA API (C++)
  • Desktop Systems (C++, Python, .NET, AJAX, PHP, Delphi)
  • STM32 µController (C++, Assembly)
  • Microchip AVR µController (C++, Assembly)
  • 80C51, 80(X)C166 µController (C/C++, Assembly)
  • Sierra Wireless Airprime IoT Modules running Linux/Legato OS with 4G/5G, Wi-Fi and GPS support (C++)
  • espressif ESP IoT Modules with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support (C++)
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Modules with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (C++, Python)

More Technologies

  • Realtime programming using FreeRTOS, Keil RTX, etc.
  • RFID, SRD (433/866 MHz), etc. using specialized controllers/interface devices
  • MQTT interfacing
  • Apache Arrow data format for Cloud interfacing
  • and many more …

Development Platforms and Tools

  • Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
  • Eclipse
  • STM32Cube
  • Microchip Studio
  • Delphi XE
  • Doxygen
  • SVN

Project examples

  • Edge Computing units for Sounding Rocket experiments with OPC UA interface
  • Experiment control units for Sounding Rocket with OPC UA interface
  • Experiment vision systems for Sounding Rocket with OPC UA interface
  • Control electronics for billboard devices with GPS time sync and 4G cloud interface
  • Desktop Maintenance tool for billboard devices
  • Door monitoring systems with MQTT cloud connection and smartphone dashboard
  • Barcode based production monitoring with web front end
  • Altium Designer plug-in for custom workflow support and automation