Ranked number 1 in Europe and number 3 in the worldwide aerospace industry, Astrium employs a total of 15,000 men and women. Astrium is a 100-percent subsidiary of EADS, a global leader in aerospace, defence and associated services.

Astrium has used TEXUS sounding rockets since 1977, adding the MAXUS rockets in 1991. Scientists hope the flight will yield new findings for fundamental research. The sounding rocket programme examines experiments under microgravitation conditions. Scientists can choose between two carriers here: Experiments can be examined for up to six minutes in zero gravity with TEXUS, while MAXUS enables up to 13 minutes of microgravitation.

IBV has been working for EADS / Astrium for over 20 years, and has been able to successfully carry out many projects:

  • TEXUS / MAXUS experiment controls and data recording units
  • Ariane 5 upper stage instrumentation simulation system
  • ATV board tester

This is only a small selection of numerous projects.