IBV GmbH with new EMS Service

IBV employees work with the new Rework System IR/PL 550 from ERSA to place and repair electronic devices.

The device is equipped with a precision placement system PL 550 (+/ - 0,025 mm) with a motor zoom AF camera and high-contrast LED lighting.

All types of SMD components e. g. (0402, SOIC, μBGA, QFP) can be processed.

As nozzles are not required, even special components like shielding plates or plugs can be processed very well.

The process is documented according to the IPC -7711/21-standard.
It is also possible to use the IR/PL 550 for the first placement of critical components. 

Additional information about the ERSA IR/PL 550 System:

Picture: IBV employee with Rework System © IBV

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